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    7 Tips on Winning the Lottery That You Can’t Afford to Miss Out On

    People across America spend billions of dollars on lottery tickets. In most cases, those proceeds go towards fixing critical infrastructure issues that communities face. Given that fact, even when you buy a losing lottery ticket, you’re sort of winning. It’s almost like charity, right? Let’s face it though… Nobody buys a lottery ticket to lose. They buy lottery tickets because they want to win enough money to never have to work another day in their lives. If you’re a frequent lottery player that hasn’t been able to hit it big quite yet, we might be able to help. We’ve scoured our local community for tips on winning the lottery and…

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    5 Harmless Car Pranks to Play on Your Best Friend

    Our cars are some of our most valuable treasures. For some people more than others. Whether you spend $1,000 dollars, $100,000, or anywhere in between, there’s a special bond that forms between you and your car. You rely on it. You spend time in it. Some people, up to 40%, even name their cars. Therefore, what better way to mess with your friend than to mess with their car? Check out these 5 classic and harmless car pranks! 1. Wrap It One of the most common car pranks is the “sealed for freshness” saran wrap. However, it deserves its popularity. Wrapping a car in saran wrap will make it impossible to…

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    Annoying Aviaries: How to Keep Birds Out of Your Garden

    Bird control in gardens and farms is not just a hobby concept, it could impact your bread and butter income, or your food supply. A study on vineyards in Canada showed that vineyards that did not have bird control lost approximately 50 percent of their Cabernet Franc grapes and 100 percent of their Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. A lack of bird control could lead to devastating losses for any farm or garden regardless of size. You put a lot of energy, time, and money into your garden. Find out how to keep birds out of your garden to ensure those are resources well spent. How to Keep Birds Out of Your Garden There…

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    10 Helpful Things You Should Be Doing When Unemployed & Looking for Work

    4% of Americans are unemployed. Real talk – if you’re currently unemployed, you may find yourself struggling with motivation, low self-esteem, depression or other mental health issues. Know that you’re not alone and this is a very normal reaction to being unemployed, especially for longer periods. To avoid participating in behaviors which will make finding a job even more difficult, such as substance abuse, take a look at this list for things to do when unemployed: 1. Exercise Boosts Your Confidence You may wonder how going outside for a run, or cycling along the local canal path can help you find a job. But, it’s been proven time and time…

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    Strawberry Festival – 2020 – 44th Annual

    The South Berwick Strawberry Festival Is Located on Central School grounds  197 Main Street, South Berwick, ME 03908   next to Dunkin Donuts The Strawberry Festival is a annual event filled with entertainment, food, artisans and strawberry shortcakes! Our festival grows every year and manages to keep its small town country flavor boasting 20,000+ visitors each year   Free Parking @Marshwood Great Works School on Rt 236, Community Center on Norton St, Powder House Hill, and Our Lady of the Angels Church Parking lot. with free trolley rides to the festival site! 2019 SOUTH BERWICK’s 44TH Annual STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL – PRESS RELEASE  Notes Always the last Saturday in June, this year the festival will…

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    Crafters, be a part of our 44th Annual South Berwick Strawberry Festival.   Over the history of our festival, it has been the creative talents and craftsmanship of our artisans that have kept people from all over New England and beyond coming to this treasured event. If you would like to be an artisan at this year’s adventure, please fill out the application below and return it to us soon so that you can be considered for one of our 120 highly sought-after booth spaces. This year is going to be special! Over 120 juried artisans will be on hand to display and sell their hand-made wares, including clothing, pottery, wood products, jewelry, paintings,…

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    Helping Local Non-Profits Proceeds from the South Berwick Strawberry Festival go directly towards helping local Non-profit organizations. If you are a South Berwick, Eliot, or Rollinsford non-profit organization and would like to participate in this year’s festival, fill out the Non-Profit application below and return it to us soon. If you are a local Non-profit organization from South Berwick, Eliot, or Rollinsford and would like to apply for one of our grants, please fill out the Non-Profit Grant application at the links below. For more information, please e-mail sbsf.nonprofit.grants@gmail.com   Come Join the Fun!